Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So Rad

Designs by Jasmine Bashaj

 So Rad is based in Vaughan, ON. Canada. Founded in 2009 by digital designer and illustrator, Jasmine Bashaj. Stylin’ funny, creative, simple and so rad!
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 Bamboo fabrics are good for the environment and super soft on bebe’s skin. It’s win-win. Known for it’s UV protection, antibacterial properties (the clothes won’t smell) and naturally hypoallergenic – is bamboo the grass (yes, it’s part of the grass family) of the future? How can you go wrong?
Rock the the playground with So Rad’s colourful and stylin’ get-ups.

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                                              So Rad makes Mummy madness manageable
                                This stuff will make you smile – we want to come home with you:)

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                                    Here are the awesome features of these unique clothes:

                                     - 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton
                                     - Made and designed in Canada – by a Canadian!
                                    - Complies with the Hazardous Products Act requirements for the flammability of textile products as required by Health Canada.
                                     - Even the fabric is knit (made) in Canada!
                                     - Triple stitch cover seam for durability and no inner seam (and it
                                                                     looks so nice)
                                    - Super quality and well made
                                    - Bigger bum for cloth diapers 

                                    - Natural UV protection properties
                                    - All around environmentally responsible
                                    - Environmentally responsible inks
                                    - No flame retardant chemicals

                                    - Matching and colour coordinated
                                    - Contrast thread colour (green items have brown thread, blue items have
                                       avacado green thread, pink items have orange thread)
                                   - Hypoallergenic 

                                   - Anti-bacterial properties

                                         Why bamboo?

                                                      OK, so you’re asking.. “why bamboo”?

Everyone knows it’s good for the earth, our environment and the air we breath, but if THAT’S not enough to jump on the organic bandwagon, here are some more facts about bamboo that you might not have known;

                                                                Click on photo to shop
* Bamboo is a woody perennial evergreen plant that is actually part of the grass family. Although they can grow to towering heights, bamboo is not actually considered a tree.
* Bamboo along with being one of the tallest grasses in the world, is also the fastest growing plant in the world, capable of growing 3 to 4 feet per day!
* Bamboo utilizes carbon dioxide at a rate astronomically higher than other trees, and does it year round because it is an evergreen.
* Bamboo has the fastest reforestation potential of any plant, making a new canopy in burnt landscapes in a matter of months.
* Bamboo releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.
* Bamboo can lower light intensity and protects against ultraviolet rays
* Bamboo is harvested and replenished with no impact to the environment. It can be harvested annually and is capable of complete regeneration without the need to replant!
* Bamboo is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
* Bamboo has antibacterial properties.

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Bamboo fabrics are good for the environment and super soft on bebe’s skin. It’s win-win. Known for it’s UV protection, antibacterial properties (the clothes won’t smell) and naturally hypoallergenic – is bamboo the grass (yes, it’s part of the grass family) of the future? How can you go wrong?
Rock the the playground with So Rad’s colourful and stylin’ get-ups.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Someday Sarah

Wool Soakers 

Here is the scoop from one of our newest designer Sarah Billings of Someday Sarah

 I try by best to get 100% wool. Animal based yarns contain the natural oils needed to make the covers moisture resistant and anti-bacterial. The remainder of the materials cannot be plant based or they will allow the bottoms to absorb moisture (like cotton) and leak! 

It is said that wool holds about 30% of its weight in liquid. They may feel damp when the cloth underneath is wet but not yet “leak”, you’ll need to change your little one and hang the cover up to dry.

When you use wool as a cover

You need to make sure that there is enough absorbent cloth (i.e. fitted, prefold, or flat diaper) underneath to hold the amount that your little one makes. Change him/her once she is wet. When one pair becomes damp, change your baby and alternate with another bottom, air drying between each diaper change. So unless your baby soils the wool or gets it soaked, you should get through the day wearing two bottoms. I wash my wool soakers anywhere from every 2 weeks to once a month unless really soiled. No cover is “bullet proof” without a good diaper underneath it. Wool is not a water proof material.

Washing your woolies

You don’t need to rinse wool when you wash it with a wool wash, just gently squeeze out the excess water.  Do not wring them out.  I use Eucalan and have good results. 

 Don’t use regular laundry detergent because it can strip the natural oils out of the wool.  Be careful not to use water that is too warm and do not agitate them too much – this could cause them to felt or shrink.

To Lanolize your woolies

 Put a small pea sized amount of Lanolin (Nipple Cream or whichever brand you prefer) in a small baby food jar, add a drop of wool wash (or baby wash) and hot water and shake till the lanolin is dissolved. It will look milky. Some people microwave the Lanolin quickly before adding the soap and water to make sure that it is fully melted. Add this mixture in a basin or sink with room temperature water and then add your woolies. Turn your wool/ longies/ shorties/ soaker/ skirtie inside out and put in basin. Let them sit for about 20 minutes. When they are done I like to gently squeeze them and then lay them on a flat wire rack with a dish towel on top and under each pair. The towel absorbs most of the moisture. At the end of the day, I air dry them without the towel.

Wool is great for overnight diapering for preventing leaks and is a great alternative to PUL because your baby’s skin can still breath. 

Wool is also really really cute!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Red Thread Designs


What gets your creative juices flowing? For me it’s gorgeous fabric, exquisite colour, and using my imagination and hands to create beautiful things.

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I believe that surrounding ourselves with colours and textures we love, wearing well-made clothes that make us feel great, and feeling connected to the people around us make life better.

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All Red Thread clothing is carefully designed for comfort and durability, because I know that when kids love a piece of clothing, they want to wear it all the time! Some of my pieces can be enjoyed for years, they’re designed to last as your child grows.

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I love working with skilled local sewers, even though it costs much more than mass production overseas. I think you and your children are worth it. I also love choosing beautiful quality fabrics that surprise and delight you

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The name “Red Thread” was inspired by a lovely Chinese proverb I discovered when I adopted my daughter Samantha from China in 2003: “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.” I love the image of being connected to others by invisible threads, and hope that knowing something about the inspiration behind these designs helps create this feeling of connection for you!
Devorah Miller 

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Costume Swap

                      Our First Annual Costume Swap 

Are the dark corners of your storage room a little spookier
than usual? Do they come complete with piles of too small, underused or long-forgotten
costumes, bits and bobbles of Halloweens past? Do you have no desire to spend tons of
time and money fighting the crowds (and your kids) to score another costume that will
end up in that cob-webby pile?

Kid Culture, Fancy Pants Kids and Play Me Mama have a fun, economic, creative and
light-on-the-earth solution for you – the first Junction Costume Swap as part of National
Costume Swap Day Canada.

We’ve got your back in the costume department this year. Spend a fun early October
Saturday afternoon with other parents and kids looking to discover some great finds and
get rid of that never-to-be-worn-again (by you) box of costumes, accessories and more in
the spirit of upcycling.

“Everyone has a stash of costumes from Halloweens gone by that they don’t use any
more,” says National Costume Swap Day organizer Robin Rivers. “We’re putting those
old costumes to good use and making them new to you while helping families save
money and live lightly.”

The event will be held from 10 a.m. till 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 13 at Kid Culture, 2986
Dundas St W Toronto, ON. Costumes and accessories to be swapped can be dropped off
at Kid Culture from Sunday September 30th till Friday October 12th.

How it works: Bring your clean, gently used costumes to exchange and trade into the
store from September 30th till October 12th. You will get an exchange ticket in the shop
for every costume you bring in that allows you to go home with a new-to-you costume
for your kids the day of the swap. No costumes to trade, no worries you’ll be charged a
flat fee of $5 at the door (cash only) and you can pick out a costume. Proceeds will be
benefitting The Salvation Army Evangeline Residence.

Organizers are also asking that you bring a new or gently used children’s book for
Bookhunters. Get all of the details on the local costume swap and find out all the details
on this national movement at                               

Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Ra's

Little Ra's is for the Little One's who like to play in the dirt and look good doing it 

Whether it be a modern design or a new twist on a classic, I strive to keep all items age appropriate and functional for all the busy girls .Using alternative styles, fabrics and colours that you would not typically find for Little Ones is what Little Ra's is all about. 


               Boys Brown Corduroy Fall Jacket or Coat Lined in Green

                                                                                             Click on photo to shop

                                        It's back to school, send your fella in a classic coat, with a great pop of colour.

      A durable brown corduroy coat, fully lined in green with wood buttons and welt pockets. Stylish, and comfy, perfect for                  dudes heading back to school.


                                      Reversible Flat Front Spoons Forks and                   


KnivesPants for Girls or Boys

                                                                                       click on photo to shop

                                                Super comfy, two layers of cotton, warm enough for fall and winter
                                                                      Elastic at the back for the perfect fit.

                                                   Completely reversible, because we know how things can get messy.
                                                      Flat front because we know how big kids hate looking like little kids.
                                                                        100% cotton because we know how great it is.

                                                                                              The Reverse

                                                                                           click on photo to shop

                                                                                                      The Reverse


                      Girl's Wool Blue and Black Houndstooth Caplet

Blue and black houndstooth wool, fully lined in a navy blue is a perfect addition to any Little One's wardrobe. A delicate looking (yet tough in action) frog closure is romantic and surprisingly easy for small fingers to button.

                                                             click on photo to shop

Wear it over anything, from shirts and sweaters to winter coats (this is how you dress up those warm but perhaps less than beautiful winter coats for various holiday parties).

                                                              click on photo to shop

A full 38" in diameter is comfortable for a 3+. 

                                                                   click on photo to shop

What makes this cape so great? It's warm, beautiful and can be worn forever! With enough room to fit around an adult's neck (hitting just above the elbow on an adult, at the wrist or just over the hand for children) this cape will take you from year to year, for many years to come.
With proper care, you'll have something to hand down for generations.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Jack and Willa

Melissa Ogilvie is 

a mum of 2 who has always had a creative side. She didn't want to go back to the grind of a full time job after her kids went to school so she took up sewing and knitting and designing childrens clothing to sell. She loves coming up with new designs, especially those that repurpose a vintage fabric or woolen. Her loves in this world are her family, her  dog, her  friends, Nova Scotia, sewing, knitting, reading, and all things vintage!

This is a baby kimono style jacket is designed to fit a baby between the ages of 6 months to 18 months of age. It is made from several recycled 100% wool sweaters.

                                                                     click on photo to shop
These handknit fingerless gloves are sizes are the perfect tween mitten as they allow the child to text, adjust ipods or make phone calls. For the toddler, they are the perfect cheerio eating glove!

                                                                   click on photo to shop
                                                                    click on photo to shop
                                                                   click on photo to shop


An eco friendly approach to childrens clothing

Seasonal fashion trends result in mass produced raw materials that contribute to environmental damage. Large-scale production also exploits cheap labor and leaves last year’s clothes sitting in trash bins and landfills.

Electropura takes fashion consciousness to a new level. Foresight of design is our cornerstone: we recycle existing materials and upcycle interesting textiles create functional, one-of-a-kind pieces for toddlers and children from ages 0 to 5. 

Electropura’s entire line employs practical and durable recycled fabrics that will stand up to active kids and resulting wash cycles. Models range from crossover onesies to shirts and dresses for girls and boys.

Designer (and mom) Lynn van Gastel is the driving force behind Electropura. Lynn studied fashion design at the Artez Institute of Arts and worked in design studios across Europe. Now a mother of two young children in Toronto, Canada, van Gastel combines her passions for design, children and consumer-awareness to create fashion-forward, green clothing for conscientious parents around the world.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cathy Peng

                                                          Cathy Peng

An artist, illustrator, and maker of things. loves cats and sweets and living in Toronto with  her husband, and little girl and two kitties.

                           Clever Kitty in Green on Beige Tote Bag

                                                                       click on photo to shop


                                     Keep Cats and Kitty On Tote Bag

                                                                       click on photo to shop


                                   Love and a kitty need we say more.100% cotton Tee. 

                                                                    click on photo to shop

For your little "Wonder Kitty" Hand screen printed on a 100% cotton Tee,a real pleaser. 

                                                                         click on photo to shop

Designed by Cathy Peng Cuteness overload kittens and bunnies all in one 100% cotton size 6-12months

Designed by Cathy Peng It's a bird... not a cat! It's Clever Owl! Size 6-12 months 100%

                                                                       click photo to shop